Welcome to Pirate Ninjas!

This is the official website of the Pirate Ninjas in Clash of Clans. We are a fun, active, and mature clan always looking for new strong members to join our forces to defeat our enemies! All of our members are dedicated and continue to max out their bases before upgrading their town hall so we have the maximum advantage over our opponents. Come check us out and join!
(Clan Tag #9YU8PQGV)

Clan Rules:
  1. No Rushing Town Halls
  2. Donate Level 4+ troops (members with lower troops do not have to worry about donating)
  3. Use both attacks during war
  4. Have Fun!!

War search schedule: Mondays and Thursdays 7:30PM EST

Come chat with us on Matrix.org
  • Chat room: #pirateninjas:matrix.org
  • Get the Matrix.org app for iOS or Android

Official Pirate Ninjas Mascot: Narwhals!!
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What's New

- Fifth Perfect War (June 17, 2017) Great win!
- Fourth Perfect War (May 1, 2016) Woohoo!!
- Third Perfect War (March 11, 2016) 100th clan war win!!
- Second Perfect War (January 23, 2016) Yay!!
- First Perfect war!! (November 8, 2015) Congrats!!